Ita’s House

She was born in Medellin, Colombia in July of 1940. After marrying the love of her life, Bernardo Quijano in 1962, she came to New York in 1969. Maria Luz Quijano, and her husband Bernardo, began a new life as Americans in New York City. Starting from poor environment in Colombia and then to modest means in New York City, the Quijano’s established themselves in the Jackson Heights area of the Queens borough of NYC. It was there that they brought their two young children, Claudia and Luis, born in 1964 and 1968 respectively to begin their new journey. Bernardo passed away in October of 2020 and Luis in June of 2006.

Over the years, Maria’s daughter, Claudia (and her husband Paul), found great friendship in Jason & Yvonne Lewallen in the Crestline area of the San Bernardino mountains. After serving together at Selah Christian Fellowship together in Crestline, the Lewallen’s were led of the Lord to begin missionary work in the Sese Islands of Lake Victoria in Uganda, Africa. Maria took a great interest in the work the Lewallen’s were doing in Uganda, contributing with gifts and supplies alongside Claudia and Paul. As the Lewallen’s were embarking on yet another missionary trip to Uganda this coming January, Maria was again interested in helping in any way she could.

But then, tragedy hit!! Maria Luz Quijano became another victim of this dastardly virus called COVID-19 and succumbed to her illness this past Thanksgiving Day at the age of 81 years. With all the pain of this loss, her daughter Claudia Millan, along with Jason and Yvonne Lewallen wanted to honor Maria for her loving interest she had for the work in Uganda. With the many ministries that Selah Christian Fellowship has established in Uganda, under the leadership of Jason & Yvonne Lewallen, a fitting tribute to Maria has now been birthed with the advent of another ministry. This new ministry will be called “ITA’s HOUSE”!! (“Ita” was a nickname that she given by her grandchildren).

This new ministry called “Ita’s House” will be a women’s crisis, training, and vocation center there in the Sese Islands of Lake Victoria, Uganda, Africa. There is a tremendous need for this type of ministry in that part of the world. In honor of the loss of Claudia’s mother, and for the great need for this ministry in Uganda, would you prayerfully consider donating to this GoFundMe account for this critical work in Uganda??

You will also find more information in the Selah Christian Fellowship website at

May the Lord bless you for your consideration in this matter!!!

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